Sherri Shepherd Is Worried About Nude Selfie Leak But Not From 4Chan Celebrity Hacker

Addam Corré

No doubt you saw the reports earlier this week regarding the 4Chan celebrity leak scandal. More than 100 A-list celebrities had their iCloud accounts broken into, with their nude selfie pictures being posted online.

Now, Sherri Shepherd, the former The View co-host, is worried that nude pictures of her are about to surface on the internet, but not from the 4Chan celebrity hacker but from someone else.

RadarOnline reported today that Shepherd is worried that her estranged husband, Lamar Sally, with whom she has had a very stormy past, is on the verge of releasing nude selfies of her.

So how do these selfies get out there in the first place? And, perhaps a better question: Do all celebs take nude and steamy selfies?

Seemingly, more people in the world than one might think take naked pictures of themselves. In Sherri Shepherd's case there was apparently good reason for the naked pics.

An inside source spoke to Radar about the nature of Shepherd and Sally's marriage: "It was a long distance relationship," revealed the insider, "To keep things hot, Sherri would send naked pictures of herself to Lamar. Lamar also sent Sherri naked pics for her personal collection."

At the time, according to the source, Sherri felt amazing about herself and was full of self-confidence, even though now she regrets taking the pictures. The source shared:

"Sherri felt really great about her body because she had just lost a lot of weight. Now, she deeply regrets sending the pictures because she is afraid Lamar will release the pictures as revenge because of the bitter nature of the divorce proceedings. Her lawyer plans on asking the judge to prohibit the release of the pictures."

Earlier this month, news headlines proclaimed that Sally was offered a $100,000 payout by Sherri Shepherd, as well as $3,000 in child support for their newborn son who was born via a surrogate.

According to reports, Sally rejected the offer as he is seeking a much higher figure in child support than just $3,000 monthly.

As Shepherd isn't playing ball with Sally she is now deeply concerned that he might go ahead and post the naked pictures of her online:

"Sherri hopes that the judge would hit Lamar with stiff financial sanctions. Those pictures were never meant for anyone but Lamar to see. Just because they are getting divorced doesn't mean that should change," said the source.