What Olympian Aly Raisman Eats In A Day

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Fatima Araos

Life has become calmer for Aly Raisman following her retirement from gymnastics in 2020, especially since she’s prioritizing self-care. And one of the 28-year-old Olympian’s favorite forms of self-care is gardening.

For her, gardening isn’t just a relaxing activity but also a source of nourishment and a way for her to sustain her mostly plant-based lifestyle. “It’s been really calming for me,” she told Women’s Health in a 2020 interview. “It brings me a lot of happiness and allows me to practice gratitude for where my food is coming from.”

Going Plant-Based

Raisman decided to switch to a plant-based diet back in 2018 when she was no longer training for the Olympics.

“When I was training, I thought that you had to eat meat in order to be strong,” she told People in 2019. “Now I’ve been reading up on all the amazing things that plants can do for your body and your mind.”

These days, she makes sure to choose meals that help her meet her nutrient and energy needs. “It's the athlete in me,” she said in her Women’s Health interview. “I always eat for a purpose and I’m always thinking in terms of what’s going to keep me energized.”


So what does a day of eating look like for the former athlete? After waking up at 8 a.m., she’ll have a glass of celery juice, and then iced coffee with Silk soy milk or a cup of hot water with lemon. In any case, she makes sure there’s some protein in whatever she’s having.

“Even just getting in a little extra protein in my coffee makes a difference for me,” she explained. “Being mostly plant-based, it can be a little difficult to make sure I'm getting enough protein.”

Lunch And Dinner

Raisman likes to prepare her lunch herself, and her go-to's include vegetable soups and guacamole. “The other day I made a broccoli and spirulina soup and it was reallyyy good,” she said.

Dinner, meanwhile, is still mostly veggies, although she’ll have the occasional fish, too. One of her favorites is oven-roasted potatoes with greens on the side.


The star gymnast normally has a mid-morning snack, usually a bagel with nuts or seeds, or cauliflower rice and avocado.

When hunger strikes at any other time during the day, she’ll whip up a smoothie with any ingredient “that makes me feel good,” she said. An example is a protein-rich blend consisting of ashwagandha powder, mixed berries, hemp hearts, soy milk, and chia seeds.