NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook To Miami Heat, Duncan Robinson & Kyle Lowry To Lakers In Proposed Trade

Russell Westbrook
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Ernesto Cova

The Los Angeles Lakers are still trying to make a big move to revamp their roster, but now that Kyrie Irving isn't going anywhere, landing a player that could lift them past their current struggles seems unlikely.

So, chances are that the Lakers will have to settle for lesser players instead of landing a big star. They already have two future Hall of Famers in LeBron James and Anthony Davis, so maybe all they need is serviceable role players around them.

Will Lakers Continue Shopping Westbrook?

Russell Westbrook
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With that in mind, Russell Westbrook should be a prime trade candidate entering the season. However, no team in the league would willingly absorb his huge contract unless it comes with at least one future first-round pick, and the Lakers know that.

That's why Fadeaway World's Lee Tran came up with an interesting trade idea that could benefit everybody involved. In this case, the Miami Heat could get Westbrook and a first-round pick in return for Duncan Robinson and Kyle Lowry.

Why Would Heat Do This?

Russell Westbrook
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This transaction would grant the Heat a potential valuable pick in either 2027 or 2029 while also putting them in a prime position to make a splash in free agency:

"This trade clearly has multiple good effects for the Miami Heat. They would be able to move off long-term salary committed to Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson by trading for Russell Westbrook's expiring contract and draft compensation," wrote Lee.

What's In It For The Lakers?

Duncan Robinson
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The Lakers, on the other hand, would get two players who are a much better fit for their current roster needs:

"For the Los Angeles Lakers, this is about acquiring solid complementary players next to stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Both Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson are capable floor spacers, which is beneficial when playing with two stars that thrive near the rim. Kyle Lowry can also be a secondary ballhandler for the team and get easy buckets for the other players on the roster," added Lee.

It's A Win-Win

Russell Westbrook
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Both teams would get instantly better now and would also be in a better spot for the upcoming offseason:

"Overall, this is a trade that is simple and immediately helps both franchises. Obviously, it is unclear if the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers will ever talk about a deal with this structure, but it definitely has its positives," Lee concluded.

It sure makes sense for both parties, but will it happen? That remains to be seen.