Little-Known Details About Blakely Lively And Florence Welch's Friendship

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Fatima Araos

Best friends for more than a decade, Blake Lively and Florence Welch know things about each other nobody else knows. And it would be so interesting to eavesdrop on a conversation between the two and find out details about their lives and friendship that are not reported by the media, right?

When the British lead vocalist of indie rock band Florence and the Machine interviewed her Hollywood A-lister bestie for a Glamour article back in 2011, fascinating details were revealed, and it was exactly like listening in on an easy conversation between them. Here’s what we found out.

Their Friendship Started With Pizza

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Welch revealed in the interview that she met Lively after a show she did in New York. “You got the band pizza, and they instantly fell in love with you. It was so sweet,” she recalled.

Lively added that she was asked if she wanted to go backstage and “I'm like, Oh my gosh, I would love to meet this wonderful goddess!” she said.

Welch Is A Huge Fan Of Lively's Cooking

The Gossip Girl alum is not only a talented actress but also “a great cook,” according to Welch. “My gosh, I had an amazing time having brunch with you, and you made the most delicious—what in the world was it?” the singer said.

Lively replied, “Puff pastry and then those little pancake balls.” She shared that she traveled a lot and would pick up a lot of new spices and sauces from the places she visited.

They Once Spent A Rowdy New Year's In Vegas

“That sealed the deal on our friendship, spending New Year's together in sparkly outfits, standing on a table,” Welch revealed.

Lively added that the singer invited her to Vegas, and the actress brought 16 family members with her. At one point during the festivities, Welch fell off a table while freestyle rapping.

“Well, it's difficult to wear such high Louboutins and also freestyle rap,” Lively reasoned.

They Once Planned A Chanel Event – Without Chanel Knowing

When Lively was chosen as the face of Chanel’s Mademoiselle bag, she and Welch celebrated by going out to dinner. Lively recalled the funny story, saying, “When I found out I got [the job], you and I went to dinner and concocted this plan, like two little girls at a tea party, saying, ‘Oh, it would be the best if we had a party. And you'll perform, and we'll do it in Paris.’ Like you and I were in charge of Chanel!”